Press Release 05-01-2005: Biogenea-Cellgenea Ltd now offering validated Molecular Diagnostics services provision for the detection of HIV1/2, HBV, HCV, CMV, Syphillis, Toxoplasma of all cryopreserved and fresh stem cell samples applying Real-Time PCR technology (Roche LightCycler).

  It is expected that this new equipment could further accelerate Biogenea-Cellgenea’s growth on this rapidly developing technology, increase the variety of tests available to customers for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

  PCR is a simple yet elegant means by which virtually unlimited copies of genetic material can be made in a test tube. It is used in a wide variety of applications, including research, diagnostics, forensics and other fields. It is used to detect infectious organisms and monitor disease progression and response to therapy. New applications of the technique may allow it to predict disease predisposition and individualize patient therapy, all potentially resulting in earlier treatment and improved patient care.

  Roche is a world leader amongst research-based companies in the health sector in the field of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics and has its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. The innovative products and services from Roche cover the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and contribute to improved well-being and quality of life.Roche’s patented polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology is one of the most advanced methods in molecular diagnostics and one that earned its discoverer a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993. PCR allows minute amounts of genetic material to be amplified into billions of copies (that is, to detectable levels) in only a few hours. In addition to its applications in nucleic acid fingerprinting and the diagnosis and monitoring of disease, PCR enables detection of infectious agents early on in the infection cycle, often before symptoms appear.
    Currently, Biogenea-Cellgenea markets a full line of stem cell bioservices including collection, manipulation, cryopreservation and production of stem cells from various human sources like cord blood, bone marrow, mobilized and unmobilized peripheral blood for the treatment of devastating diseases and it’s scope is to strenghten the quality using Roche’s LightCycler PCR-System and a line of CE reagents from the PCR  market. That combination will provide a fully automated system for Nucleic Acid Extraction for genetic and clinical applications.   “Biogenea-Cellgenea’s scope is to become one of the leaders in the field of the cell therapy healthcare groups concetrating its efforts to the principal businesses of pharmacogenomics, pharmacodiagnostics and dna analysis. Through the company’s Diagnostic Division, innovative services will mainly be provided to hospitals, clinical laboratories, researchers, physicians and patients Greece-wide” said Nikolaos Grigoriadis CEO of Biogenea-CellGenea Ltd.