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Biogenea pharmaceuticals is specialized and active in the wider field of pharmaceutical biotechnology, throughout Greece, emphasizing on the fields of stem cells, regenerative medicine and the field of genomics in the context of applicating the rules of precision medicine in clinical practice.

Our commitment is to provide certified services of stem cell storage, genomics as well as to offer innovative health products based solely on the safety and efficacy defined by medical and pharmaceutical ethics, in collaboration with public and private health professionals in the framework of European and International guidelines

Our vision is the access of each family to our personalized services and products aiming at improving life quality and protecting health in collaboration with and under the direction of the treating physicians.

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Specialized team of Scientists

Biogenea pharmaceuticals is staffed by reputable highly specialized scientific staff regarding the provision of reliable and integrated hematopoietic & mesenchymal stem cell storage services for therapeutic purposes, and for this purpose it has its own laboratories for the processing of stem cells and proper chambers for the cryopreservation of stem cells  according to the principles of  cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), as explained in accordance with the content of the 2003/94 Community Directive regarding drugs and experimental drugs for human use and the 2004/23, 2006/17 Community Directives on the setting of quality and safety standards for control, processing, maintenance, storage and disposal, among else, of products made by human tissues and cells intended for human applications.

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Business Scope

According to its Charter, the business scope of “Biogenea Pharmaceuticals” comprises the following activities:


Research, development and exploitation of know-how in the fields of cell biology, genetic biochemistry and pharmacology.

Laboratory centers organization

The organization, equipment, staffing of laboratory centers in relation to the above.

Patent rights

The development, creation and exploitation of patent rights in methods related to the above.

Collection, processing and storage

The provision of reliable and integrated services in the field of collection, processing and storage of premordial hematopoietic stem cells from the umbilical cord for allogeneic and autologous use, based on the specific regulations and guidelines set by the European Union.

Research and development

The planning, research and development of clinical studies, based on advanced therapy drugs, as defined in E.O. (1394/2007) and the specifications regarding the good clinical practice in E.O. (2001/20 / EC / 2005/28 / EC)

Concluding, executing and participating in contracts

The conclusion, execution and participation in contracts related to the above with any person, natural or legal, company, organization, municipality, state, nation or any dependent service, if these contracts are necessary or appropriate, offers or intentional or beneficial for the activities described herein or which reinforce them as well as any other contract which serves the above purposes and is consistent with them.

Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd constitutes the only company in Europe that can proliferate and use ex vivo umbilical cord and adult primordial stem cells for therapeutic applications and clinical studies thanks to the relevant transfer of know-how from NASA’s research laboratories and the protocol of ex vivo stem cells proliferation published by the Directory of Clinical Laboratory in the prestigious independent review magazine American Journal of Stem Cells.

Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd established worldwide the normal range for the hematological parameters of umbilical cord blood, published in the prestigious international scientific journal LabMedicine, which was republished by one of America’s largest medical journals, Stem Cell Week, belonging to one of America’s largest publishers, NewsRxTM. Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s scientific staff published the protocol of isolation, processing and cryopreservation of Wharton’s jelly mesenchymal cells of the umbilical cord tissue in the prestigious international scientific journal, In vitro cellular animal and developmental. At the same time, results of the basic research on the differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells, but also with the processing of umbilical cord mesenchymal cells are announced at scientific conferences.

Biogenea Pharmaceuticals

Innovative services



Familial stem cells cryopreservation from umbilical cord blood


Familial stem cells cryopreservation from umbilical cord tissue

Genome BookTM

Genomic tests.
Knowing the genome means knowing life
Specialized genomic tests in oncotherapy

Stem cells storage bank

Stem cells storage services

Biogenea pharmaceuticals has the most reliable stem cell storage bank in Southern Europe because it guarantees:

  • The company's code of conduct is in line with the strict standards of pharmaceutical ethics and the European Medicine's Agency, which has been audited and registered.
  • It has an accredited clinical laboratory according to ISO 15189 in Greece by the National Accreditation System, the reputable national carrier, for all critical procedures of quality and quantitative control of stem cells.
  • Biogenea pharmaceuticals has an ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system and holds the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate (QMS: CERT)
  • It is in the final process of accreditation by the International Organization of Cell Therapy FACT
  • It constitutes the only company that has published the Standard Operating Procedures of its scientific methods in journals of independent review participating in Greek and international conferences.
  • Ensures the preservation of contracts and cryopreserved grafts beyond twenty years in accordance with current legislation v.3948 / 2011.
  • Concludes 20-year cryopreservation contracts with parents with the success of laboratory procedures and not in advance and keeps free grafts of insufficient quantity without burdening the Greek family.
  • Implant storage tanks are inspected and secured daily by specialized biotechnologists in one of the safest and most controlled professional buildings.
  • It uses the certified program, infoscope, for the traceability of liquid nitrogen inside the graft storage tanks.
  • The treatment protocol of umbilical cord transplants is harmonized with the specifications set by the recognized transplant centers.
  • It is the only Greek company that has the necessary know-how for the proliferation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood for transplantation in adults where it has been published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • It is the only pharmaceutical company that uses NASA patents for ex vivo stem cell proliferation.
  • It has an organized laboratory of molecular biology, pharmacogenetics and oncodiagnostics in collaboration with global reference centers through the GENOMEBOOK TM service. In addition, it provides personalized nutrition and dietary services for both pregnancy and maternity.
  • Biogenea pharmaceuticals constitutes the only stem cell bank in Europe that has developed the 1st Unit of Personalized Cancer Therapy and Prevention "MYONCOTHERAPY", with the aim of the future therapeutic application of the existing cryopreserved implants of the umbilical cord blood and tissue.
  • It is the only pharmaceutical company that offers a complete family program for the storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord of newborns for immediate or future therapeutic use.