Biogenea pharmaceuticals is staffed by reputable domestic and foreign scientists active in research, therapeutic applications and disposal for  transplantation of stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood and / or bone marrow

Priority of the Research and Development Department is the training and information of the health personnel of the health units regarding the new therapeutic approaches proposed by the modern Therapeutic science based on the modern knowledge of Regenerative Medicine, Genomics & Precision Medicine as well as Artificial Intelligence In Silico and Drug Retargeting.

Biogenea pharmaceuticals is constantly investing in research and development of the following four distinct departments with the support of both National and European research resources in the context of its business planning and sustainable development internationally:

  • Sector A': Biobank
  • Sector B': Genomics - Biomarkers
  • Sector C': Products
  • Sector D': Clinical Studies/Trials - Drug planning and Retargetting

For more information about the research activities as well as the possibility of collaborating with biogenea pharmaceuticals you can contact the e-mail: