The Corporate Governance of biogenea pharmaceuticals performs the inspection and development of biotechnological services and products, including business, financial and consulting infrastructure, in order to ensure the continuous adequacy and efficacy of customer service and suggests the necessary changes or improvements. The results of this inspection are integrated in the corporate development planning that is updated annually in order to upgrade and optimize the services and products provided according to the strictest standards governing the sensitive sector of Health.

The corporate development plan of biogenea pharmaceuticals includes the following administrative departments:

  • Section A’: Biobank
  • Section B’: Genomics-Biomarkers
  • Section C’: Products
  • Section D’: Clinical Studies / Trials

The corporate governance and financial management of biogenea pharmaceuticals is fully in line with the recognized corporate standards of control and governance

The General Director of biogenea pharmaceuticals,

Dr. Nikolaos G. Grigoriadis, Pharm.D Ph.D