Corporate Social Responsibility

Biogenea Pharmaceuticals

Corporate Social Responsibility

Biogenea pharmaceuticals provides specialized affordable programs for stem cells, genetic tests and health products to special categories of citizens (disabled, long-term unemployed, large families, citizens of remote areas), in order to meet their financial capabilities.

Regarding families of patients suffering from some form of leukemia, stem cell storage is offered free of charge.

Finally, the company’s customer information and service center is always willing to serve its customers for any developments in the field of stem cells, genetic tests / biomarkers, health products and clinical trials in the field of Regenerative Medicine and Medical Precision.



Familial stem cell storage and gene control

Biogenea pharmaceuticals offers for  free the privilege of stem cell storage by all family members in cases of hematopoietic malignancies, based on the age of the donor-family member concerned, the primordiality of the stem cells isolated, as well as the histocompatibility among members of the family at the behest of the treating Doctor and the currently licensed stem cell transplant center.

Stem cells from all family members concern the donor and the whole family due to the highly potential histocompatibility.