PRESS RELEASE 02-01-2007: Today announced that ERP-(Enterprise Resource Planning System) and it’s leading enterprise barcode asset tracking solution was chosen by Biogenea-Cellgenea Ltd as the leading automatic identification data capture solution provider and as an independent software vendor partner for its Scientific Stem Cell Partner Program.

“Biogenea -Cellgenea’s ultimate scope is the continuous control and cross-tracking of the cryopreserved samples with validated ERP software which ensures the ability to track down and to identify the sample during all the steps of its supply, the processing, the control, the storage and the distribution. The tracking is also used for controlling and identifying all the relevant data about the products and the materials that come in contact with these samples (2004/23/ΕΚ).” said John Grigoriadis Vice President of Biogenea-Cellgenea Ltd.

“We selected (ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning System) with it’s unique barcode tracking solution which can receive immediate value by extending such solutions to our scanners giving Biogenea-Cellgena’s Ltd users the ability to utilize mobile devices for data collection from it’s Master Stem Cell Bank.” added again Nikolaos Grigoriadis CEO of Biogenea-Cellgenea Ltd.

To address this growing concern, Biogenea-Cellgenea an innovative Greece-based company, has successfully developed and implemented a proven solution available. The company’s system makes use of barcode technology, a time-tested answer to the problem of tracking and verification of the samples during all the steps of its supply, the processing, the control, the storage and the distribution provides a more reliable and cost effective solution than other alternatives currently being investigated. To ensure its successful adoption, the company has also created proprietary software capable of interfacing with any manufacturer’s packaging process and systems.

That proprietary tracking technology will improve Biogenea-Cellgenea’s Commercial Management Sub-system (for example: Management of Reserves, Sales, Purchases), Advanced Commercial Management, Serial numbering, Lots, Technical Specifications, Imports Cost Accounting, Sales and Marketing.Economic Management Sub-system (for example: General Accounting, Management of Accounts Receivable and Payable, Financial Management, Budget Forecasting), Advanced Economic Management, Fixed Assets Management.Management Information/ Planning Sub-system [MIS Components (indicatively Being Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) Viewer, Hierarchical Data Views (HDVs), Graph Viewer), Query Viewer, Ready Printings], Advanced Reporting Tools, Budgets Management.

Euro ready, Management of foreign currency, Multi-Company, e-business, Security System,

“ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning System), enables finally Biogenea-Cellgenea’s Laboratory and Scientific Managers to capture inventory data, tag and track assets at the receiving dock, and perform audits and database reconciliation using mobile device hardware from companies Server. These capabilities enable organizations to achieve up to 99.99 percent or greater asset database accuracy which in turn helps organizations manage costs, reduce risk and improve efficiency by managing each step of stem cell ex vivo manipulations. ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning System) can serve as a standalone asset repository or a customizable front-end that further extends the asset management capabilities of Biogenea-Cellgenea’s ISO system.” said Nikolaos Grigoriadis CEO of Biogenea – Cellgenea Ltd. “(ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning System) is ideal for intermediate enterprises with 1 up to 10 users. It interlinks and completes the operations the Commercial and Economic Management into a single powerful comprehensive system, with superior statistical representation. It adds value to the business operations through the planning capability based on the availability of resources. It drastically decreases the cost, improves customer service by decreasing response time though process automation. It improves decision-making, due to the conversion of statistical accounting data into dynamic visual stem cell therapy business models.” said John Grigoriadis Vice President of Biogenea-Cellgenea Ltd.